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Vision & Meditation

Through the practices of vision and mediation, you will set intentions for your practice and your life, and find peace and space for those intentions to become realities. 


Through the practice of yoga, we will promote physical and mental heath, finding strength and stability in the earth beneath us. 


Our core is our strength. Through the practice of pilates, we will build our strength from the inside out.  

What We Offer

We offer wellness workshops for women of all different backgrounds. We are female owned and operated and are passionate about promoting a supportive community of women who want to be healthy both physically and mentally. Our workshops feature four parts led by four different women: Renee Welde, Lynette Johnson, Anna Beth Rousakis and Susan O’Connor.  Renee is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Life Transitions Coach, who helps people make life changing choices.  Founder of “The Vision Map: Navigating A Future That Fascinates You!”, Renee guides women in removing emotional blocks and fears, so they can move forward in confidence with their highest potential and true mission in life.  Lynette (500 RYT from YogaWorks, and is also certified in Pilates, Barre and CPR).  A former professional dancer, Lynette has over 35 years of teaching experience in dance, yoga, Pilates and barre.  Passionate about teaching, she loves inspiring and empowering women to be HER strongest self, inside and out.  Anna Beth (500RYT from YogaWorks) teaches yoga to people of all ages, from babies to adults.  In her classes, she aims to weave fundamental tenets of yoga into everyday life.  Susan is a Holistic Health Specialist, empowering women to live a healthy lifestyle. She trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School and Ayurveda Health Coaching with The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. As a member of the Global Wellness Institute, Susan actively contributes to the Women in Leadership and Beauty & Wellness Initiatives.

Upcoming Events

Spring is a season of growth and revitalization. As we set the clocks ahead and move into the light of longer days, we will come together as a community of women to chant, move, and support each other in our journeys toward strength.

Join us Saturday, March 24th for a Pop-Up event at YogaWorks West Side. We will be hosting a 2 hour Wellness Workshop from 10:00-12:00


"Perfect flow. Just enough time in each 'portion.' The instructors were so warm and open and brought such positivity to the program."

"Two hours flew by!"

"Terrific way to start the year!"

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